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International jury awarded our chocolates

Only few weeks passed since we introduced our unique chocolates matched for our wines after a long tasting process. Now we received a really good feedback. Our Gere-chocoMe Pecan Walnut Raffinée chcolate received a three star acknowledgement which was only received by 205 products out of the 12.777. Our Almond Raffinée also got an honourable mention. 

Great Taste competition was established in 1994 in Great Britain. It evaluates food products. Its most important aim to find the foods with outstanding taste. There is a blind tasting without packaging and marketing elements which would all affect the result. This way the jury can concentrate on the taste, scent and textures. The jury consists of restaurant critiques, chefs, procurers, producers and journalists.

The competition gives one, two or three stars for the best competitors. The latest category is the highest acknowledgement which only goes for less than 2% of the competitors. In this category we find Gere-chocoMe Pecan Walnut Raffinée chocolate. One of the jury members wrote the following evaluation about it: „This is one of the most interesting chocolates we tasted this year. We had to taste it again and again to experience how exceptional the scale of the aromas. This chocolate is top category. The grape seed extract gives a pleasant acidity, the salt and pepper give balance to it and all of these meets in the long, fresh aftertaste. Unusual and tasty.”

We are especially happy for this feedback since now a professional evaluation also affirms us that our top wines (Villányi Franc, Kopar, Solus and Attila) will have good companion because we recommend these with this chocolate.

Almond Raffinée also got an honourable mention which we dreamt for our red wines aged in 2nd filled barrique: Járdovány, Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique, Syrah. This chocolate received one star from the international jury and the following evaluation: „If we cut them half, we can see the ingredients in these delicacies. In the same time the quality of almond is also visible. The aromas are clean and honest. The extract, the black chocolate and the raspberry, the fruity vigorousness all work together in harmony and all is uplifted by pepper. In the beginning the almond doesn’t seem more than the crispy barrier of the nicely balanced and mutually supplemented aromas. But when all the coatings left, in the mouth there is still enough almond to put a fine dot at the end of the bit.”

After the diplomas have arrived we celebrated the good news by eating several chocolates.