Thematic wine tasting in November

„Cabernet Franc has found its natural home in Villány” 

Michael Broadbent 2000, Decanter magazin 

Although it is an essential basic pillar of a bordeaux blend still against sauvignon and merlot it could never achieve international success as an independent variety wine. Thanks to the heterogeneous ripening of the fruit we always find unripen berries on the bunches but it can be harvested 2 weeks earlier as sauvignon. Furthermore the ripe berries are less disposed to unripen aromas so it ripes even in the cooler regions too. If the soil and the climate are ideal then it is capable of extraordinary quality.

Since 2014 it is an independent brand in Villány which has an own quality category in the regional origin protection system. On the 3rd weekend of each November a professional conference brings it nearer to the greater audience.

In November we celebrate the variety with a vertical tasting in Mandula Restaurant.

Villányi Franc
„Or the black sheep bordeaux world variety’s phylogeny in Villány” 

Weninger & Gere Cabernet Franc 1993
Weninger & Gere Cabernet Franc selection 1996
Weninger & Gere Cabernet Franc selection 1999 Magnum
Weninger & Gere Cabernet Franc selection 2006
Weninger & Gere Cabernet Franc selection 2009
Weninger & Gere Villányi Franc 2012
Gere Villányi Franc Ördögárok 2015

We offer for all of our thematic wine rows a special handmade cheese selection, freshly baked bread, Gere 100% grape seed oil and water.

The indicated wine row can be tasted from 4th November 2019 to 1st December 2019 exclusively in Mandula Restaurant and Wine Bar!

The price of the thematic wine tasting: 26.600,- HUF/person

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact me!

Tamás Fröhlich
Head Sommelier
Tel.: +36 30 /620 26 28