Thematic wine tasting in October

After the fall of communism Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot varieties were elemental parts of the prosperity in Villány. The local wine makers saw their future clearly so in the beginning of the 90’s they decided to make their wines from these varieties which can represent the quality of Villány reliably. The planting started which helped to introduce the excellent basic material of the available areas on the more and more interested market.

The work bore its fruit: these 3 world varieties ensured stabile background to the wineries. Due to this basis they can also follow their experiments too.  Our October thematic is the great Bordeaux varieties and their blends.

”Or the most known triad of the world of wine separately and together” 

Gere Attila Merlot Classic 2010
Gere Attila Cabernet Sauvignon Classic 2007
Gere Attila Válogatás Merlot 2005
Weninger & Gere Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique 2000
Weninger & Gere Cabernet Franc Selection Magnum 1999
Gere A.- Gere T.-Bock-Tiffán Millenium Quartett Magnum 1997

With each of our thematic wine tasting we serve special handcrafted cheese selection, fresh bread, 100% Gere grape seed oil and water.

The indicated wine menu can be tasted between 1st October 2018 to 4th november 2018 exclusively in Mandula Restaurant and Wine Bar!

Price of the thematic wine tasting: 21.400,- HUF /person

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact me!

Tamás Fröhlich
Tel.: +36 30 /620 26 28
Email: tamas@gere.hu