Martin day goose dishes in November

November will be again about Martin day, new wines and goose and duck meals. Though the courses may change due to the available materials and seasonality we decided to share those ideas which our team figured out for the wines. 

Gere Rosé Cuvée 2018
We serve it for the welcome courses:
Caramelised rice with onion
Crackling paté
Fresh bread

Gere & Schubert Cserszegi Fűszeres 2018 
„Pineapple-Apple Pie”, grilled duck liver, sweet fennel

Gere Olaszrizling 2018
Goose soup

Gere Portugieser 2018 barrell sample
Duck breast with brussels sprout, blackcurrant table beet puree and fried beetroot

Gere Tempranillo 2016
Confit duck with potato donut, turnip, blueberry ragout and red wine reduction

Gere Solus Merlot 2015
African chocolate ganache, sour cherry ragout, cocoa bean crack and wild pepper