Wine tasting and winery visit programs from the beginners to the experts

Cellar visit and wine tasting is a great experience. At us everybody can find that program, which is the most interesting for her/him either a beginner wine consumer or a wine expert. Our sommelier, Tamás Fröhlich now tells us what kind of wine and gastronomic experience we offer to those who visit us.

What kind of wine tasting program would you offer for a beginner wine consumer?

For the beginner wine consumers it is worth to start at the basics, at the simplest tastes and noses, lile an Irsai Olivér or a fresh rosé, where only crisp fruit aromas and noses can be found, which are easy to love by everybody. So as a first step I recommend the Csillagvölgy tasting, where we start to train our senses, that later we can pick out not only 1-2, but even more aromas in a glass of wine.

Those who tasted more, but still feels to be a beginner, I recommend the Discovery Tasting. In this he/she will get an overall view of the different categories of the wine region, and the wide spectrum of Gere Attila and Weninger & Gere wines.

And those who already knows Gere wines?

For those who know our portfolio, it is obvious to show something new. Still the Exclusive Tasting is such a row which is complied from items and slope selections having limited bottles which were not marketed. It peaks at Attila Cuvée, which is the rarest and highest quality wine of our winery.

If someone seeks more special than this premium wine row, then I offer a real tidbit: the Thematic Tasting. It is a tasting compiled in each month from different aspects and vintage items. The basis of this is the private stocks which covers 2 decades from 1992. Next to this special row we give Hungarian craft cheese selection.

What is the difference between the two cellar visits: Gere Attila and Gere & Schubert?

Just like the tastings, the style of the wineries also aims different aspects. The winery visit in Gere Attila Winery is about tradition and innovation, ambition and development. We show and introduce how complex could be the everyday of the winery working with such quality and volume.

By contrast the Gere & Schubert winery visit reached the target in the beginning, because the wines do not go into the barrels and we do not age them for a long time. They want to reserve the freshness of the harvested grape as much as possible. Gere & Schubert is a visit offering a spiritful, light tasting in one of the most modern reductive winery of the country.

What can the wine tasters expect at you?

Our wine bar awaits the guests on each day of the week. But who like to see more, can join our winery visit programs, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 16.00.

During the winery visit it is important to affect all the senses. Vision, smell, taste, hear, touch…the experience is full with this. The guests taste and during this we introduce the wine region, the history of Gere family, the factory and naturally the tasted items. We help to understand the wines and while we show the whole factory, the processing step by step, we also give insight to the fermenting, bottling and ageing areas too. We offer freshly baked patty, roundel or bread with the wines. All these are made by our kitchen. Naturally we also give water to balance the dehydrating effect of alcohol.

Is there such wine that you would show to the guests in any case?

There are two. The Frici and the Kopar. Two extremes and two brands, which are easy to remember and tightly connect to Gere family name. Both wines represent our style trustworthily and I think that one of the two can arouse interest toward us in any wine consumer.

What kind of gastronomic possibilities are there beside of the wine tastings?

Mandula restaurant’ menu is seasonally fits to the available materials, so the offer changes many times in the year. If we eat a’la carte even then we can find novelties.

Our degustation menu is built on this seasonality too. The courses of this are attuned to a wine row compiled previously. It is a great gastronomic journey where not the dish or the wine has the tone but the harmony of both.

This kind of taste experience can be deeper with music or artistic performance. So we organize such dinners and events several times per year where the Complex Gere Wine Experience pervades each moment and part of the event.

The ending of a dinner can be glass of special wine. In the weekends our guests having dinner in our restaurant can taste some of these. On each Friday, Saturday and Sunday we choose 3 vintage items which can be tasted by the guests – distinctly to the offer of the wine list – not only by bottle but also by glass.