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Thematic wine tasting in August

By the next in our summer series we are still looking for balance. This time, separating the 90’s and 2000 years we taste in two smaller rows some real gems, where each stands for the best given opportunities of that period, from the objectively good/very good vintages.

Will we hit on the best years this time?

Balance is strenght        
”Or the four star vintages of Villány…”

Gere Attila Cabernet Sauvignon 1992
Weninger & Gere Cabernet Sauvignon & Franc selection 1995
Weninger & Gere Cabernet Franc selection 1996
Gere A.- Gere T. –Bock – Tiffán Millenium Quartett 1997 Magnum
Gere Attila Cabernet Sauvignon BIO 2008
Gere Attila Solus Merlot 2004
Attila Cuvée 2002

With each of our thematic wine tasting we serve special handcrafted cheese selection, fresh bread, 100% Gere grape seed oil and water.

The indicated wine menu can be tasted between 1st August 2016 to 4th september 2016 exclusively in Mandula Restaurant and Wine Bar!

Price of the thematic wine tasting: 14.900,- HUF /person

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact me!

Tamás Fröhlich

Tel.: +36 30/620 2628
Email: tamas@gere.hu